New Nespaper Issue #227

Yo Dudes (Lol)!

Today’s Thursday And That Means The Club Penguin Released A New Newspaper Issue #227 And Make Sure To Check The Contents Before Reading The Paper!

  • Puffle Party Starts On Feb. 19 – Feb. 25 (Page A2 – A3)
  • Puffle Sighting? (Page A4 – A5)
  • In Focus: Puffles (Page B1 – B4)
  • Ask Aunt Arctic (Page B5 – B7)
  • Top Secrets: Special Items (Page B8)
  • Jokes/Riddles (Page C1)
  • Poetry (Page C2)
  • Art And Comics (Page C3 – C4
  • Puzzle: Word Search (Page C5 – C6)
  • Upcoming Events (Page C7 – C8)

And Here Is The Paper:

That’s All For Now! Comment Here What You Think About The Paper!



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