Club Penguin Herbert’s Revenge EPF Coming To Your Local Game Store!

Hello Penguins,

Do You Guys Remember When Billybob Posted A New EPF DS Game Coming To CP? You Can Read All About It Here: Ok Let’s Move On. So CP Gave Us A Sneak Peek Of The Rooms But I Found More Pictures Of The Game Herbert’s Revenge! Here Is The Cover:

Click Me To See A Larger View!
As You Can See Herbert’s On A Roof Eating Or Tearing Something Down And He Looks Really Big! Did Herbert’s Use One Of Gary’s Invention To Make Him Big?  Maybe Lol. Here Are The Screenshots: Click Me To See A Larger View! Lol! It’s Dot! Lol. Ok Next Screenshot: Click Me To See A Larger View!It Seems Like Herbert And Klutzy Is In That Picture! Her’s The Next Image:

Lol Herbert Is On A Hot Air Balloon. Now Here Is The Next Picture! I Said Next Picture! Ok This Looks Like A New Mini Game. Ok Time For The Next Picture: That Looks Like The The Sneak Peek Of The Room Billybob Gave To Us. Don’t You Guys Think? Here’s The Next Image:That Picture Shows The Headquarters With Every Agent Including The Director. Ok Here’s The Next Screenshot: Wait A Minute. I Ran Out of Screenshots! Oh Man! Oh Well. Also When The Game Come Out We Will Make A Page With The Cheats For The Game. And If U Don’t Have A DS Or Can’t Buy The Game Well You Can Play It Online So You’ll Never Be Left Out Because I Don’t Want You To Be Left Out. Oh And One More Thing. If You Want These Screenshots Email Me At With 1 CP Code For Anything! Membership, Coin Code, Etc…. That’s All For Now! Comment Here What You Think Will Happen In The Game!



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