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Penguin Play Awards 2010: The Walkthrough


The Penguin Play Awards 2010 Are Here! Sadly I Wont Be Enjoying It Though Because, Im Not A Member!

But Im Working On Becoming One. I Know , “OMG BRAVEBOY, ITS ONLY $5.OO! ARE YOU THAT POOR?!” Well No Im Not Poor. I Just Keep On Forgetting When I Go To The Stoor. Im Also Working On Getting A 12 Month Membership On AA. I Have Alot Of Items So Far. Im Planning To Compete March 21- March 27. And Since My Bday Is March 30, If I Win That Will Be My Bday Gift! LOL!

Anyways, Heres The Cheats N Stuff.

First, When You Log In, You See A Sighn, Penguin Play Awards! Click It And This Is What Pops Up.

You Click “Go There” And Theres Your Shortcut To The PPA.

Now Your In The Front Of The Stage.

Now You Enter 1 Of The 2 Available Doors, It Really Dosent Matter Which One You Enter 😉

Now You Should See A Big Stage And A Screen Projector Going On In The Back

Then On Your Upper Right Of Your Screen You Should See This Super Tiny Door. Its Labeled ” Backstage ”

The Backstage Is For Members Only :(. Which I Am Not, But My Backup Penguin Is A Member! So I Got To See That Backstage.

Once You Go In There, You Can Recieve 2 Free Items. Congrats Lucky Members.

Thats About It For The PPA! Lets Move On..

Free Items & Pin

Heres The Free Item,

Location: Dock

Heres How To Get There.

  • Start From Town
  • Then On Your Left, Theres An Available Path.
  • Go On The Path
  • Then You Should End Up At The Dock.

Heres The Pin,

Location: Dance Lounge

Heres How To Get There,

  1. Start From Town
  2. Go Into Nightclub
  3. Then Go Up The Stairs
  4. And On The Curtains By Tables You Should See The Pin

P.S: The Penguin Sitting On The Table Is My Backup Penguin ;). His Name Will Not Be Reaveled. Luckily My Friend Gave It To Me For FREE. Very Rare. Maybe I Will Sell Him For A Membership.. LOL!





2 Responses

  1. My BDay is on March 27. I’m getting a 6-month membership.

    • Lucky You! Lol!

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