Sighn This Petiton: “Make Cp Membership Free”

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I Am Making A Petition, To Make Cp Memberships Free. I Know All Of You Are Thinking The Same Thing. I Bet All Of You, Tryed Making Memberships Free, But This Might Actually Work. I Saw This Site Called Petition Spot. You Can Make Your Own Petitions And Let People Sighn It To Meet Your Goal. Our Goal Is 10,000 Penguins To Sighn The Petiton To Make Memberships Free! Heres All You Have To Sighn:

Full Name: ________ ________
Email: _______
Country You Live In: __________
I Support This Petititon.

Thats All You Have To Do! Its Super Easy! Every Sighn Counts. And When We Reach 10,000 , Lets Hope CP Considers It And Makes It Free Or Atleast LOWER The Prices!

Heres The Link Where You Can Sighn Up:

Please Advertise It On Your Site, Or On Other Peoples Site! Please Help 😉



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  1. yo cool website i have a spot open on my website comment if you would like to be a admin

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