April Fools 2010 Walkthrough

Hey Penguins!

Im Totally Excited! The April Fools 2010 Is Here! I Bet All Of You Are Like, Wheres The Free Items!?

Well, I Know Where! Theres 2 Free Items! I Will Get To That Later In This Post,

Heres How Most Of The Places Look!


I Like The Town! Invisible Buildings Is Cool 😉


Upside Down?! Okay, I Love This Room!


OMG! This Room Is The Best One! They Should Leave The Mine Like That!

Snowforts – A Silly Place:

Enter The Door! Its Cool!

Inside A Silly Place:

Make A Joke! Play Around!

Free Item #1:

It Was Very Hard To Find! Looks Like A Regular Hat!

Dock – Free Item #2

How To Earn The Red Hat Walkthrough:

  • You Must Paint The Picture
  • Use Snowballs To Color The Picture
  • Once The Treasure Chest Shows Up
  • The Red Hat Will Pop Out Of Chest
  • Get Your Red Hat 😉

This April Fools Is The Best One Yet! Comment With Your Opinions!



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  1. Hey HWatsup Can you go to xat.com/roblox

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