Authors/Editors Needed For

Hey this is Silver24shil updating you, i am in desperate need of authors so i will have a form that you would fill out. Here’s what it should include:

  1. Penguin Name?
  2. Do You Have A Site? Link It.
  3. Which Time Club Penguin Updates For you?
  4. How Fast You Post The Club Penguin Community Post, Newspaper, Upcoming Events, Catalogs Secret Items Etc…?
  5. Are You Following @Silver24shil In Twitter?
  6. Do You Have Experience On WordPress or
  7. Are You A Good Designer? One Example
  8. Do You Have Your Own Email?
  9. Will You Post If The Main Owner (Silver24shil) Lends More Than 2 Hours To Post?
  10. Why Do You Wanna Become An Author?
  11. Do You Use Your Own Words In Posts?
  12. Do You Link To Your Own Site In Posts?

~Silver24shil,Owner Of


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