Tan’s 10 Earth Day Must Do List!

Hey Guys!

I’ve Decided To Make A Earth Day Must Do List To Help The Enviroment! Here’s The list:

  1. Don’t Litter! If You Litter And You Think It’s Ok Because You Think You’re The Only One You’re Wrong! A Lot More People Are Littering! More Than You Think! So Son’t Litter Or You Could Walk On A Pile Of Trash!
  2. Recycle! Recycle Is Almost The Same As Don’t Litter. The More You Recycle The More Stuff We Can Reuse Again! Please Recycle Guys!
  3. Plant Trees! When You Plant Trees They Make Air For Us! 100,000 Years Ago There Were Lots Of Trees! But Then People Started Using Trees For Wood So Trees Are Decreasing In The World!
  4. Use Less Electricity! The Less You Use The Less You Pollute The Air! With Out The Air We Won’t Be Able To Breath! So Use Less Electricity! You Could Also Use Solar Panels! They Are Even Better Because They Use Light Energy!
  5. Don’t Use Any Transportation That Has Motor Or Pollute The Air Like A Car Or A Limo! A Bus Would Be Better! You Could Also Ride Your Bike, Scooter, Skateboard! They Don’t Pollute The Air! It Is Also Lots And Lots Of Fun!
  6. Bring Your Own Bags To The Grocery Store! That Way We Won’t Have To Use So Much Garbage Or We’ll Be Walking On A Pile Of Trash!!
  7. Start A Compost In Your Backyard Or Garden! If You Start A Compost Then You Could Just Throw All Your Leftovers Fruits Or Vegetables In There Instead Of Wasting It! They Also Make Plants Grow!
  8. Don’t Use To Much Water! If You Use To Much Water Then There Won’t Be Any More Water For Millions And Millions Of People! One Way You Could Use Less Water Is To Not Turn On The Water While You’re Brushing Your Teeth!
  9. Don’t Use Oil Paints! Oil Paints Are Very Hazardous When You Throw Them In The Trash Can! Animals Like Raccoons Can Knock The Trash Can Knock Over The Trash Can And Drink The Water! Also If You Pour Any Paints On The Ground They Can Contaminate Ground Water!
  10. Tell Everyone What I Told You Guys On My Lists! If More People Did It Then The Problem Could Get Stopped!!

That’s All I Want You Guys To Do. So It Is Your Choice. To be Part Of The Problem Or Part Of The Solution. I Hope You Guys Choose To Be Part Of The Solution. 😀 Comment Here If Your Going To Do What I Said!



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