Braves Book

UPDATE: This Book Has Reached 1,000 Words +

Chapter 1: Walk Home – Starring : Thunderman

It Was A Cold Cold Night, A Man Named ” Thunderman ” Was Walking Home. He Heard Some Noises, He Looked Back, But It Was Too Dark To See. He Heard A Laugh And Looked Back, This Time He Started To Panic A Little. He Started Walking Fast Then Running Then Sprinting And He Hit Is Head On Something Really Hard. Then He Was Knocked Out.

Chapter 2: Perfect Girl – Starring – Zebby Queen

He Woke Up To A Splash Of Water. There He Saw The Most Beautiful Perfect Awesome Girl ” Zebby” She Was Giggling And Laughing At ” Thunderman “. Thunderman Was Confused But He Didnt Care, He Couldnt Take His Eyes Of Zebby. Then For The First Time, ThunderMan Finally Found The Meaning Of Love And It Was Staring Him Right In The Face… Zebby.

Chapter 3: Accidents Happen – Starring: Bikeboy , Eamafa

As ThunderMan And Zebby Walked Home They Saw A Man Lying On The Road Unconsious. They Called The Ambulance And Police For Help. They All Went To ” Bikeboy Hospital ” . They Found Out The Mans Name Was ” Eamafa “. He Looked Young And Still Had His Whole Life Ahead Of Him. They Asked Thunderman And Zebby  If They Saw What Happen To The Young Man. Thunderman Said ” No Sir, We Just Saw Him Lying On The Ground Unconisous , Thats When We Called The Ambulance And Police” Then Zebby Asked ” Doctor Will He Be Okay? ” Doctor Replied ” We Are Still Not Sure, Hes Breathing , But Only Faintly. He Might Not Make It , But Dont Worry Ill Take Care Of Him. Its Getting Really Late Though So You Guys Should Leave And Come Back Tommorow , If You Want.” ” We Will Doctor You Can Count On It ” Replied Zebby

Chapter 4: His Father!? – Starring : Zengrong

The Next Day, Thunderman And Zebby Went To The Hospital. Then They Saw This Unusal Tall Man Sitting Down In His Chair Sobbing His Tears Out. Thunder And Zebby Both Went To Confront Him. Apparently His Name Was Zengrong. We Asked Him ” Sir, Why Are You Crying” He Replied ” My Son, Is In That Room.. … ..” Zebby Asked ” Eamafa Is Your Son? ” Then Zengrong Said ” How Do You Know His Name? ” Zebby Replied ” We Saw Him.. On The Ground.. So We Called 911 ” Zengrong Replied Saying ” Thank You, Without You He Wouldnt Have Made It” Then He Took $1000 Out Of His Wallet And Kindly Gave It To Zebby Queen. She Said ” No Thanks Sir, We Just Called The Ambulance , We Dont Deserve This Money, But Thanks Anyways” Then They Just Sat And Waited For The News.

Chapter 5: Wake Up – Starring : No New Charecters.

Next Day, Eamafa Woke Up. Zengrong , Thunderman , And Zebby Were All Excited. The Doctor Exsplained What Happened To Him That Night. He Said ” Eamafa Had A Stroke, He Was Eating Alot Of Junk Food And He Got A Stroke, This Is A Very Important Case” Zebby Asked ” Why Doctor? He Replied ” Because This Stroke WILL Comeback, Unless He Changes His Eating Habits” Zebby Said, ” But Doctor, Look At Him! Hes Super Skinny And Hes Underweight For His Age. ” Yes But It Seems Latley All Those French Fries And Burgers Is Getting Clogged Up In His Body , If He Keeps Eating Like This, He May Die.. ” Then Zengrong Fell To His Knees And Cried Till All His Tears Was Gone.

Chapter 6: The Brother – Starring: BeardedCrest

Zengrong Heard Loud Footsteps Coming Up To Him. He Stared Into The Mysterious Guy’s Eye. The Mysterious Guy Introduced  Himself, “Hello Everyone, I Came As Soon As I Heard The News”. “Who Are You”? Asked ZebbyQueen. “Im Eamafas Brother. My Name Is Beardedcrest.” Everyone Looked At Him In Schock, Except For Eamafa Who Was Lying In His Bed. ” How Did You Know Eamafa Was Here?” “Ofcourse I Know! Its All Over The News!” “Knock Knock!” Said The Doctor. “We Have Bad News” They All Stared At The Doctor.. Looking Scared.

Chapter 7: The Bad/Good News – Starring: Dr.Flipper

Dr.Flipper Walked In The Room And Exsplained The Bad News. “Eamafa Will Be Dying” Zengrong Broke Down On His Knees And Dropped A River Of Tears. “Doc, Is There Anything We Can Do.. We Cant Give Up!” Shouted Zebby! “Well There Is A Cure, But Its On The Otherside Of The Town. It Will Take 25 Hours To Get There. That Is The Only Chance For Eamafas Survival.” “We’ll Do It” Announced Zebby. “I Think Zengrong,Zebby,Beardedcrest And I Should Go.” Said Thunderman. Just Then Zebby Bust Out Her IPHONE And Called Her Best Freinds!

Chapter 8: Packing Up – Starring : Disco70, Rosey, & Hopper25

All Of Sudden 3 Of Her Best Freinds Bust Through The Door! “Hi Everyone” Said Disco,Rosey And Hopper. “Hi Guys” Said Zebby. “Well Everyone Follow Me, Its Time To Pack Up! Were Leaving Tommorow Morning”! They Setoff To Zebbys House. They Packed All The Important Things! Canned Food, And Water. Portable Shelter For The Nights. Its Gonna Take 25 Hours To Get There. They All Packed And Were Ready To Set Off. 

Chapter 9: A Map? Starring: Tanhuynh

Only 4 Hours Passed By And They Werent Even Half Way There. It Felt Like A Desert There. Theres Nothing To See Except For Mountains. No Civilization AnyWhere! As They Walked, They Felt Like They Were Being Watched. Then They Heard Laughter. “AHH!!” Screamed Everyone. “Shhh! Its Only Me, Tanhuynh.” “Who Are You?” Asked Disco. “Im,Well You Can Call Me Map. I Help People Cross This Place To The Other Side Of Town. I Know This Place From Top To Bottom Or Side To Side ;)” “Really?!” Gasped Zebby. “Sure, And I Can Tell That Your Lost.” “Well Technically, Were Not Lost” Said Thunderman. “Yea We Are!” Said Rosy. “Be Quiet!” Said Thunderman. “Shutup” Said Rosy. “Guys, Its Not The Time To Be Fighting! This Guy Is Trying To Help Us Here!” Said Zebby. “I Can Show You To The Other Side Of Town By Tommorow Night.” Said Tanhuynh. ‘REALLY?! Tommorow Night! THATS GREAT ;)” Yelled Zebby. “Its The Least I Can Do, I Scared You Half To Death Right?”

Chapter 10: Scary Encouters Part 1 ( Starring: Dyl )

 “Its Super Cold Right Now, And It Looks Like We’re Walking In The Middle Of No Where.” “Zebby? Are You Talking To Yourself Again?” “I WASNT TALKING TO MYSELF DUMMY! Im Writing In My Journal.” “Same Thing” Said Thunder. As They All Were Walking, They Could See Some Yellow Glowing Light Straight Ahead. They All Ran Thinking That It Was Town, But They Were Wrong. Once They Saw The Creature, They Ducked Down As Fast As They Could. “What Are They?!” Yelled Disco. “SHHH!! Dont Want To Attract Them Here. They Are Mysterious Creatures That Always Come Here For A Feast.” Said Tanhuynh “A Feast?” Asked Rosy. “Yes, And You Do Not Want To Know What They Eat.” “Just Tell Us” Whispered Thunder. “They Eat Humans, Like You Guys.”

Chapter 11: Scary Encouters Part 2 ( Starring : Dyl )


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  1. I really want to be in it. (sigh)

  2. wow this is really realistic im skinny in real life! i do love french fries!

  3. hey man , can i be in chapter 7 , just asking ~ your pal flipper

  4. Im Shocked Brave m not in it we use 2 be super GOOD friends till u never posted on my website 😦

  5. may i be in the chapter with beard since me and beard are super good friends?

  6. sweet

  7. Cool Idea, A Book! God, I would of never thought of that xP

  8. Nice lol 😀

  9. this is so cool!

  10. make the next one!

  11. I Vote 10! And Can I Be In Your Next Chapter Brave? Please???

  12. Oh Yea Sure

  13. Awww!! Where’s All My Richness? 😦

    • xD, wait ur rich?

      • Yeah On This Book. I’m Mentioned My Richness In Chap. 10

  14. im glad u started doing it again. sadly i quit cp though

  15. hey brave , i thought i should tell you i shut down and i am now 98rockmancp (my old peng from 07) my new site is

    -your pal , rockman

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    • Eh, ur mean.
      Wonder why Flipper switch to Rockman.

      • Bcz He Failed

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    • CP Wasn’t Released In 06

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  19. hehe , i’m a doctor

  20. thats awesome

  21. heya rofegme, it couldn’t be a childrens book because they’re some wrong spellings and punctuation, mostly punctuation.

    • Who cares, it’s still good xP xD!

    • Are you talking to me? lol. I think he meant Braveboy124..

      • Lol, Yea

  22. im not in it. im so sad. jk i read it seems pretty cool

    but can i be in a chapter you know maybe but if you could that would be cool

  23. 1000 Words! Can You Beleive That?!

  24. Chapter 10 Added 😉

  25. can i be in the book?

  26. dude im one of the cretures in cp,plus i have a blog!

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