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Report To EPF June 15 || What Does It Mean?

Hello CP Visitors!

Im Back! Yes, Braveboy124 Is Back To CP Cheats! Im Ready To Give You Cheats Again. If You Want To Work Here, Read The Post Below.

Now Moving Onto The News.

What Does It Mean.. Report To EPF June 15? Whats Up With That?

Might Be A New Mission, A New Item? Something To Think About!

Also, What Does This Picture Mean To You?

Does This Simulate The Previews To June?

Hmmm.. Comment What You Think!

Also We Will Be Having A Party Soon To Welcome Me Back! So Comment If You Still Visit This Site xD


CP Cheats Are Back And Better Than Ever!

Hello Everyone! We’re Back! I’m A Member On CP Once Again And I Decided To Restart CP News! I Will Be Doing CP Cheats And More! Im Sorry For The Inconvience Before But Im Back And Better Than Ever!

Im Also Looking For Editors To Help Out And Post Cheats!

  • Name
  • Email
  • Do You Have Expirence
  • Can You Capture Pictures And Post Them On This Website

I Will Add You A.S.A.P!


New Newspaper || Earth Day Cheats

Click Here For The Cheats.

Comment What You Think 😉


Another Herbert’s Revenge Sneak Peek!

Hey Penguins!

Today Billybob Released Another Sneak Peek Of What The Game “Herbert’s Revenge” Will Look Like! There Are 2 Sneak Peeks Of A Room! Here’s The First Image:

Pretty Neat, Right? Lol Ok Here The Next Image. It’s A Complete Different Room Even Though It Looks The Same.

Hmm It Looks Like That These Are Herbert’s Plans Of Taking Over Club Penguin. Very Interesting. Well I Can’t Wait Until “Herbert’s Revenge” Comes Out! I’m Going To Try And See if I Have Enough Money To Buy It! 😀 Comment Here If You Can’t Wait For “Herbert’s Revenge” To Come Out Too!


Club Penguin Newspaper #235

We have a fresh newspaper and it explains about Earth Day. That’s the same day as, “Take Your Daughter or Son to Work Day”! Maybe something cool and working will happen. Well, I hate work xD.

New Room? Well, first we had the Underwater Room. Now this. Maybe the recycled plant will grow CRAZY and reach up to the sky. Just like in Jack and The Beanstalk. That would be hilarious! I don’t have many words. Not much to explain. Can’t read the bottom? Here’s the upcoming news:

  • April 16- Igloo Upgrades
  • April 16-New Catalog of Better Igloos
  • April 22-New Pin
  • Apil 22-25-Earth Day
  • April 30-New Igloo Music.