I have decided to make a donation page. You guys may donate anything like..

Memberships WordPress Credits Toy codes Rare Penguins Epf Codes.

If You Guys Donate Heres What You Will get..

  • Thank You Award!
  • Have Your Site And Your Penguin In One Of My Posts
  • Buddy Forever
  • Author , Editor Or Admin For 1-2 Months
  • Ultimate Blogroll Forever.
  • A Widget Just For You!

Heres The Penguins Who Have Donated..

Currently No Penguins Have Donated Yet.

Thank You And Please Help.

P.s: If You Make A Donation… Email Me At Please Do Not Put The Codes In A Comment.

Thanks For Helping 😉 . You Guys Rock!


17 Responses

  1. can I donate book code?

  2. and make sure to email me the answer

  3. no book codes just codes to unlock items. i have the book already 😉

  4. ok i will give a member
    is that okay?

  5. Yup!

  6. when

  7. im giving on xat

  8. i have a code but if its used its not my fault its my bros fault or someone here used it ok so here it is: C3H97IMI4U86

  9. Heyy…
    I donaited you the domain so can i have all them thank you stuff? Lol 😆

  10. ill donate you my member

  11. I give membership and more for two coin codes. 🙂 lol

  12. Please give me a membership code or membership account.

  13. Maaayyybeee…. Tomorrow 😉

  14. this web sucks

  15. Hey brave , sorry i can’t donate don’t have any treaser book codes but i wish i did ~your pal flipper

  16. hey , i know this guy’s account and he’s over 1000 days old i think his name is clone wars , his pass is clone its impossible for him to be banned because he has that super safe chat , sorry if it doesn’t work , it should


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