Funny Pictures

Hey Im Gonna Be Adding More So Keep Visiting! Heres One Thats Not An Edit!

Funny Picture

Lol Howd They Get Up There?!?!

Funny 1 Gotta Go Pee

Funny 2 OOPS!

Funny 3 Im Ready

Funny 4 A Random Paper

Funny 5 Hot Rod

Funny 6 How Rude

Funny 7 Im Honored!

Funny 8 Im Stood Up

Funny 9 Alone Again 😦

Lol. I Hope This Made You Lol Too! 😉



12 Responses

  1. april fools? lol

  2. yay ninja puffles!!!!!

  3. its a cheat first have a big igloo wait for the puffles to go to the top floor then buy a small igloo and the puffles will be up there

  4. lol 🙂

  5. u copied the pee one from me

  6. This didnt make me lol… IT MADE ME ROFL 😀

  7. lol 😀

  8. sooooooooooo funny i like that pee part

  9. lol funny!

  10. Im confused because how do they make a blog like this.Im very old on wordpress but i just want a site like this for clubpenguin cheats like on the top it says funny pics.How do ya do that?Post the braveboy123 so i can know how to do this.Thx,sincerly,kris922

    • If you have this theme, the title of the page will come up automatically. I have the same theme as this and it comes up like that.

  11. lol

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