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CP Pass Word Box

This Is The Pass Words Box Page. You Can Leave Your Account Here. I Just Want To Say,

I Am Not Responsible If Your Penguin Gets Banned. Its Your Choice To Comment.

If You Do Comment A Rare Penguin 700+ Days. I Would Highly Recommend You Donate It To Me.



23 Responses

  1. heres one

  2. name sponge12359 pass sponge12359

  3. please give me a account that is a member. please reply me

  4. user:June566



    • sorry someone banned ur penguin forever and i sware on my life it wasnt me

  5. hi my one is

    username: Zoey141

  6. i have one

    username: crazybob63
    pass: doodle

    this was my first penguin so dont ban him

  7. i got a wrong pass on crazybob its acually

  8. Dude u guys banned my Ultra rare member Acc. WOW now i only haf this non rare member!!!! D: im soooooo SAD

  9. mine is:

    Muddy Ducky


    Dirty Duck

  10. Hey! Someone Hacked Muddy Ducky! 😦 The Person Made Him Not Exist!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 I Knew I Should Never Have Brought Him Here!!!!!!!!!!! I Might Aswell Make A New One Called:

    Dirty Duck

    And Im No Giving The Pass Away, Freaks! And I Got A Contract From CP Saying I Can Have Any Item I Choose! (And Fourty Thousand Pounds 🙂 ) I’ll Take The Entire Party Hat Collection, Yep Even The Beta Hat!

  11. hey peeps ill give you thw penguins over 1050 days old! all you have to do is emal me a rare penguin at warbuthnott@shaw.ca and ill give you both! i swear!

  12. hello ill give you a penguin with a hat for free here it is playsoccer3

  13. sorry i meant ill give you three penguins not two

  14. Man settle down! Why did you post him here in the first place,you know he is gonna get ban.You should put a like not a really rare one and not your penguins pass.


  15. The stupid person that’s banning these, your a mean person. 😦

  16. how nows the password of mariio99 plz

  17. Trey1258

  18. wait thats not the pass

  19. my name is bunnyhop pass: bunnyhop1

  20. i hate you

  21. my penguin is wwee76679 and pas is ethanpoop

  22. ok my name rocketsnail
    my pass rsnail

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