Hey Ask Us Any Question! We’ll Awnser It!

-Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-


22 Responses

  1. Dear both of you, is PIE a COLOR?????

  2. Lol i dont think so. that was a random one!
    -Braveboy124 A.k.A Braveboy24-

  3. Hay braveboy124, have you decided if you’d like to work on my blog?? Anyway, what’s your email address??

    • Icysnap, can I work in your blog?

      • no

      • I think you have to earn it

        BB Mod

  4. wen do we do the music video i picked the song dirty little secret creator of gives u hell all american rejects

  5. Ok

  6. When did Pandanda started?

    • good question
      October 2008

      • [BB Mod]

  7. Can u meet me on ?

  8. Hey Discos, I’m sorry because you probably want Braveboy to answer that question, but if you want me to answer it, I can.

  9. Umm Braveboy124 please give me a membership code that hasnt been use.My name is the penguins name please give me.

  10. please reply me braveboy124

  11. hey brave whats your weeworld name mine is still bieman98

  12. who taught sensei??

    • IDK…
      He’s just made up by the Club Penguin Team and Disney.

  13. Hi braveboy can I work on your site with you? If I cant can I make music videos with you?

    • You can’t be an author I think you have to earn it and I think you could make music videos with him

  14. BB Mod

  15. wow, awesome header

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